Our unforgettable moments

...... Over the past 29 years we have had the opportunity to organize hundreds of events and create thousands of wonderful moments along the way. Although we are proud of every event, we have made a selection of the following events:


Voka Zomerkasteelfeest 2021

Herdenking aanslagen 22.03

Vaccinatiecentrum Borgloon

Vaccinatiecentrum Sint-Truiden

Watertruck +

Autoloze zondag Hasselt - 2020

Opening Biostoom Beringen

Training day Plasma Industries

New Year's Party Plasma Industries 2020


Book launch: 25 years of LRM

Urban Night Out - Wit Gele Kruis Oost Vlaanderen

60 Jaar Landelijke Thuiszorg

VKW annual meeting 2019

E-Bike Festival

ZNA Sparkles

Hart voor Limburg

Wedding Haspengouw

Haspengouw Ziiingt 2019


Flanders International Economic Summit

Goed Gevoel Ladies Fair 2019

New Year's Party Plasma Industries 2019

125 years HEGGE

FRYNS - The Lab


Leeuw Van De Export 2018

VKW annual meeting 2018

10 years of Connect

Haspengouw Ziiingt 2018

Garden & workshop visit

Kick-off 2019

Opening battery farm

Launch event A class

Pledge deposit congress 2018

Goed Gevoel Ladies Fair 2018

ZNA Night Fever

Debate festival: Which Limburg do you want?

Open house Alken-Maes

Open house 2017 - ZNA

Haspengouw Ziiingt 2017

Family event Mobis Parts

Limburg Raises the glass

Farewell directeur Luc Bijnens

Conference primary first aid

Opening warehouse and name change

10 years of Limburg.net and Bionerga

Opening of a new building

50 + 25 year anniversary

Hasselt Ziiingt


Opening Plinius swimming pool

40 years of Landelijke Kinderopvang

10 years of Carconnex

Farewell party BelOrta

ZNA Feestival

Family day Banden de Condé

Office party Panasonic Batteries

Clay Conference

Opening new building Atlas Copco

Broker event 2014

55 years of Landelijke Thuiszorg

Foamglass family day

Sibelco Book Event

75th anniversary of the Albertkanaal

Treat Limburg