Watertruck +

Location: Digital event
Client: De Vlaamse Waterweg NV
Number of attendees: 400

We closed the Watertruck+ project digitally on February 10, 2021.

Watertruck+ is an innovative concept for freight transport on small waterways that complements traditional inland shipping. One of its aims is to strengthen the position of inland shipping in the logistics landscape. To this end, new, standardized, modular vessels were designed according to an innovative design, which can be deployed individually or in convoy. Special attention was paid to the interchangeability of vessels on a European scale.

Normally this event would have taken place physically. But due to the pandemic, we have set up a digital event. Our guests were able to experience this in a whole digital world tailor-made for De Vlaamse Waterweg. Guests could literally walk around to attend the various presentations.

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