Voka Zomerkasteelfeest 2021

Location: Kasteel van Ordingen
Client: Voka Kamer van Koophandel Limburg
Number of attendees: 950

Voka Zomerkasteelfeest is an annual highly regarded networking event. In 2020, Conrad Consulting was allowed to organize this popular concept... But then the pandemic had put a stop to it. Together with the customer, we decided to postpone the event for a year in order to safely celebrate the relaunch of the Limburg economy.


Conrad Consulting was responsible for bringing the puzzle together between various regular partners of Voka Limburg and developing the total concept. We made use of the Covid Safe Ticket to organize everything safely, and with 950 visitors, we were allowed to add a successful event to our reference list!

"During this event we had to take into account the COVID-19 measures. Thanks to a strict procedure and the Covid Safe Ticket, everything went smoothly."

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