VKW annual meeting 2018

Location: Ethias Theater Hasselt
Client: VKW Limburg
Number of attendees: 900

Every year, during the annual meeting at the end of September, VKW Limburg awards the Ambiorix Prize to a Top 500 company. This prestigious award distinguishes a company that excels in quantitative and qualitative entrepreneurship.

We made sure that the stage events were well-managed. The creative concept? A large rotating stage with 3 "living room" settings. Depending on the content, the stage was rotated. Behind the scenes were Jeron Dewulf and Bartje Stienlet; known from Foute Vrienden; who made the comic note. The stage presentation was given by Annelies Van Herck and Michaƫl Van Droogenbroeck.

The concluding network reception took place in Ipanema - Versuz.

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