Vaccination Center Sint-Truiden

Location: Minderbroederssite Sint-Truiden
Client: City of Sint-Truiden, Nieuwerkerken and Gingelom

With mixed feelings. Proud and happy with the confidence that the City of Sint-Truiden, Nieuwerkerken and Gingelom appeal to us to help them develop their vaccination center.

We helped the 3 partners with the general organization and furnishing of the center. From floor plans and walking routes to furniture and furnishings. The former monastery has been converted into, in our opinion, the most beautiful vaccination center in Belgium!

Together with the Borgloon city services, we have also set up their vaccination center. We are happy that we can contribute to the Belgian vaccination campaign in this way!

Photos courtesy of Mine Dalemans

Past three events:

Informal meeting Genk (COMPET)

Huwelijk Ardennen

Ontmoet De Geschillen Commissie