Treat Limburg

Location: Every municipality in Limburg
Client: Alken-Maes
Number of attendees: 40 000

We want to treat the whole of Limburg on a tasty beer - the customer said. We were given the logistical challenge to organize a distribution campaign at 43 locations for ‘Alken-Maes’, in collaboration with ‘Het Belang Van Limburg’.

Interested parties were given the opportunity to reserve a six-pack Cristal via a voucher in the newspaper. This could be picked up at the town square of their commune. We made 40 000 people from 43 cities and municipalities happy at the same time!

This promotion in numbers:
  • 3 months of preparation
  • 43 municipalities at the same time
  • endowed with 44 trucks
  • 51 hosts and hostesses
  • 40,000 visitors
  • 240,000 bottles of Cristal distributed

Past three events:

Informal meeting Genk (COMPET)

Huwelijk Ardennen

Ontmoet De Geschillen Commissie