Sibelco Book Event

Sibelco is a sand extraction company, after 140 years they have bundled their activities in one book. The 300 guests were expected at 2 pm on a meadow (Stevensvennen), after which they were brought to the crystalline by shuttle bus (Blauwe Kei, Mol).

That Crystalline is a stately building, owned by Sibelco. We used this as an entrance, cloakroom, and to hand out badges. At 3 p.m. there was an official part of about an hour with some speeches, stately on a stage, and ending with the book launch.

This academic part lasted an hour (there are 2 books on a plateau in the air, but people don't see that… Mr Stanislas Emsens will sign a copy and hand it over to the Prime Minister, who will also sign a book and give it then to Mr Stanislas accompanied by live music 'Mr Sandman, give me a dream ...), afterwards there was a reception until 6 pm to 7 pm.

‘Bouwen Op Zand’ History of Sibelco and its minerals summarizes 140 years in a beautiful reference work.

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