Opening new building Atlas Copco

Client: Atlas Copco
Date: March 12th -15th 2015

The weekend of the 12th of March was all about "big party" at Atlas Copco in Hoeselt. On Thursday, Conrad Consulting organized the academic session in the Governor's Residence in Hasselt in the presence of the Swedish ambassador. On Friday, customers, suppliers and notables (including CEO Ronnie Leeten and Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois) were invited and on Sunday the staff and family were able to enjoy a pleasant get-together.

All this to celebrate the expansion in Hoeselt. Machine builder Atlas Copco has two distribution centres in our country. In Wilrijk there is one for everything that has to do with compressors. The centre in Hoeselt serves the entire world of all other tools (and parts thereof) for industry and construction. This can range from tiny parts to heavy machines.

Ten years ago we also organised an open house / family day for what was then called PowerTools Distribution. Conrad Consulting was and is happy to contribute to this success story.

The first "package" was packed by the CEO and the Prime Minister with a livestream to the plenary room 15 meters higher.

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