Opening of Biostoom Beringen

Location: Beringen
Client: Biostoom Beringen
Number of attendees: 100 + 200

In the presence of Minister Demir and provincial governor Lantmeeters, the biosteam plant in Beringen was officially put into use.

Conrad Consulting was asked to design the event safely within the COVID-19 measures. That is why we opted for a tent next to the power plant that was always well ventilated. A clear safety plan with attention to social distancing, hygiene and separate entrances and exits played a central role in the organization.

Transparent roofs and walls provided an open view of the plant. The plenary session and seated dinner took place in the tent, always at a distance of 1.5m from each other.

With this event we prove that organizing unforgettable moments is still possible and can be done in a good and good way.

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