Opening battery farm

Locatie: Terhills, Maasmechelen
Opdrachtgever: LRM
Aantal aanwezigen: 120

140 large Tesla batteries were connected to the electricity grid in May 2018. They are used to store or dissipate green energy in order to avoid imbalances on the grid. LRM's investment is a first for Europe. Conrad Consulting took care of the opening moment. In collaboration with LRM, REStore and TESLA.

Guests were directed to a car park 1 km from the event. With TESLA shuttles, everyone was taken to the site. We set up a well-kept arch tent at the LRM site in Maasmechelen. Behind the stage hung a tight white cloth. 4 musicians took care of a beautiful construction, partly thanks to a shadow play. At the right moment the curtain fell and the musicians became visible. At the very back of the tent hung a second canvas. When this fell, the battery park became visible.

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