Open house Alken-Maes

Location: Alken-Maes Brewery
Client: Alken-Maes
Number of attendees: 800

How do you ensure that 800 guests, including children and visitors with limited mobility, can follow a brewery visit in a controlled and safe manner? How do you continuously keep track of how many visitors are present on the site? And how do you ensure that the brewery is shown "in action" when no work is being done? We gave a tailor-made answer to the questions above. Through an extensive study and important preparatory work with the client, we were able to realize this beautiful open house together.

What we did

An extensive registration module with time slots, so that there were never too many guests on the site at the same time A secure check-in and check-out system, with real-time monitoring An extensive safety plan Plotting + delineating the route Making various films: brewery in action A nice and relaxing "Cristal Café" where visitors were treated to a snack and a drink.

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