Ontmoet De Geschillen Commissie

Location: Corpus Congress Center - Oegstgeest
Client: De Geschillen Commissie
Number of Attendees: 200

Meeting, connecting and sharing... that is what the day of 'Meet The Dispute Committee 2023' was all about. We brought everyone together in Oegstgeest to get to know each other, including chairman, committee member, expert and colleagues.

Tuesday, October 31, we were in Corpus, in Oegstgeest, and - in addition to the words of Jacqueline Berkelaar and the inspiring story of Peter van Uhm about the importance of values such as respect and trust, perseverance and taking responsibility - there was sufficient time to make that personal connection again. And all while enjoying a snack and a drink!

And for about 60 guests the day did not end there... they took a journey through the human body in Corpus where you see, feel and hear how our ingenious body works!

We left for home with a signed book by Peter van Uhm, a 'cable buddy' and hopefully some great memories. We look back on a beautiful, warm and connecting afternoon!

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Ontmoet De Geschillen Commissie