Leeuw Van De Export 2018

Location: Kinepolis Antwerpen
Client: Flanders Investment & Trade
Number of attendees: 600
Datum: 19th of September 2018

Kinepolis Antwerp was chosen as the event location for the Leeuw Van De Export in 2018. For the twelfth time, we were able to steer this award ceremony in the right direction.

Because not everyone is familiar with the event space of Kinepolis Antwerp, it was important to have a good indication. On the parking lot of Kinepolis Event Center we opted for a striking eye-catcher: a lion of 13m high! At the entrance, guests were allowed to sit in front of a greenkey photo studio and then look for their own magnetic badge. Our hospitality team helped them with this. 600 attendees were welcomed by Lien Van de Kelder, who quickly started the award ceremony. The network reception, with an extensive walking dinner, was musically decorated by Lisa Smolders.

On leaving, all guests were given a goodie bag and their personalized photo to take home with them.

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