Jubilarissenfeest ZNA 2023

Location: Napoleon Hall
Client: ZNA
Number of Attendees: 300

ZNA's anniversary party was an evening you will not soon forget! 300 celebrants were stimulated throughout the evening by smell, feel, sound, sight and taste. The evening started with a reception where creative dishes came from all sides. From the ceiling, between the trees, on a washing line, ... Everything but a classic presentation.

With the necessary light and smoke effects, the guests ended up in a second room, with only chairs and table frames. The table tops were carried in fully covered. The dessert was literally painted on the (disinfected) tables. We ended the evening with a great dance party. A fantastic evening for a fantastic group of celebrants!

"Last Friday evening I attended the anniversary party in the Napoleon Hall. I would like to expressly thank the organization and ZNA for the fantastic experience. It was extraordinary and greatly exceeded expectations. I am still impressed!"

"Thank you for the party on Friday. I wasn't sure whether I should go, but I'm so glad I went. Great location, nice concept. Congratulations to the organization!"

Unforgettable moments. That's what we do it for!

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