Commemoration attacks 22.03

Location: Monument on the Rue de la Loi, Brussels
Client: The Chancellery of the Prime Minister
Number of attendees: 65 (COVID-Proof) + TV broadcast

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister had selected Conrad Consulting to host the 5-year commemoration ceremony of the terrorist attacks.

The monument on Rue de la Loi in Brussels was the setting for a TV broadcast with a limited number of invited guests. Together with His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen, the Prime Minister and his wife, we were able to watch a recorded video, live victim testimony, and a tribute by Ozark Henry and Aristide Melissas (also a victim of terrorist acts).

Conrad Consulting called on several local partners; Medialife for the camera work and the films, De Boer – Losberger for the stages and Prime Impressions for hosts, hostesses and parking attendants.

It was a great assignment for 30-year-old Conrad Consulting.

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