Haspengouw Ziiingt 2018

Location: Grote Markt, Sint-Truiden
Client: In-House Production
Number of attendees: 6 000

In 2017 we organised the first edition of Haspengouw Ziiingt; our free family festival in Sint-Truiden. Following a successful edition and a positive evaluation we decided to host another edition on the 20th of July in 2018.

  • Boerebloos
  • INE
  • Haspengouw Ziiingt-Band, led by Raf Van Brussel and Ianthe Tavernier
  • De Romeo‚Äôs

More info on the (Dutch) website: http://www.haspengouwziiingt.be.

Past three events:

Haspengouw Ziiingt 2021

Voka Zomerkasteelfeest 2021

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