Haspengouw Ziiingt 2017

Location: Grote Markt, Sint-Truiden
Client: In-house production
Number of attendees: 7 000

On Thursday 20 July, Conrad Consulting, in collaboration with the city of Sint-Truiden, started a new tradition in the Haspengouw capital: Haspengouw Ziiingt! After 14 years of organizing Hasselt Ziiingt on the Kolonel Dusartplein in Hasselt, the move to Sint-Truiden did not go unnoticed. A well-thought-out communication plan ensured that the right target group was aware of the renewed free family festival. Our goal? Treating 5,000 people to a great evening. It was a challenge for our event team: a new location means that for the most part you have to start from scratch . A new square, new contacts with other city services, new sponsors, a new promotional campaign and a new target audience. But the result reflected our efforts: More than 7,000 guests sang enthusiastically and participated at the Grote Markt in Sint-Truiden.


Boerebloos Youth choir DJADA Facette Haspengouw Ziiingt-Band led by Raf Van Brussel and Geena Lisa Cleymans and Van Geel

Past three events:

Informal meeting Genk (COMPET)

Huwelijk Ardennen

Ontmoet De Geschillen Commissie