FRYNS - The Lab

Location: Old Court of Hasselt
Client: Fryns Distillery
Number of attendees: 1,500

More than 130 years of Hasselt gin history. And now it's back. Pending the final installation of the malt wine boilers in the spring of 2019, Conrad Consulting gave Fryns an exclusive preview in 2018. Especially for the Gin Festival, master-stoker Peter Berx created a unique, signed and numbered batch of 1500 bottles of Hasselt Gin and 1000 bottles of liqueur. A tribute to the family founder-stiller Guillaume Fryns.

In October 2018 we set up a pop-up cocktail bar in the old court in the centre of Hasselts, titled: Fryns | The Lab. We provided a large bar with backbar and the necessary branding. Throughout the weekend, cocktails with the Hasselt Gin and Kummel Liqueur as basic ingredients, were made by world-class cocktail shakers.

On Friday, this product launch took place for friends, stakeholders and family. On Saturday and Sunday the doors were open to the general (Hasselt) public.

Past three events:

Informal meeting Genk (COMPET)

Huwelijk Ardennen

Ontmoet De Geschillen Commissie