Foamglass family day

Location: Tessenderlo
Client: Foamglas
Date: 8th of June 2014

FOAMGLAS®, a leading manufacturer of cellular glass, was successfully active in the European market for half a century in 2014. An achievement which needed to be celebrated. After a thorough briefing by our customer, we went looking for a suitable concept. Conrad Consulting already organised an academic session on the 5th of June with the presence of Jim Kane, Chairman & CEO of Pittsburgh Corning Worldwide.

On Sunday, all employees, pensioners and family members were treated to a fantastic family day in the circus theme.

What we did

We conceptualised the family day, all in the theme of circus. From decoration, food to animation.

This party weekend was part of an integrated approach: this was a successful weekend for employees and their families, stakeholders and management.

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