Flanders International Economic Summit

Location: Docks Dome Brussels
Client: Flanders Investment and Trade
Number of attendees: 400

In May 2019 we organized the Flanders International Economic Summit (FIES) for Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT). The event was intended to highlight the importance of internationalization for the Flemish economy, in other words; the importance for Flemish companies to work internationally, the importance of foreign investors for the Flemish economic structure and the importance of an international valorisation of innovation. The main organizer was FIT, in collaboration with VLAIO, the Flemish agency for innovation and entrepreneurship.

What we did

Conrad Consulting was responsible for the general organization of the event and brought the various puzzle pieces together. Our external technical partners took care of the video mapping. Together with the client, we worked out the stage elements into a detailed scenario. We took full control during the event and managed to do all of the above within a very limited time span.

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