Debate festival: Which Limburg do you want?

Location: Thor park Genk
Client: Province of Limburg
Number of attendees: 150

In 2017, in collaboration with Connect, the Province of Limburg and Tommorowlab, we organised a unique debate festival: Which Limburg do you want?

Citizen participation is an important part of the future of our province. We were challenged to stimulate attendees as creatively as possible and to make them think, philosophise and brainstorm about what Limburg should look like in 2040.

We provided workshops with, among other things, a speakerscorner, a firearm, a space console, a throwing microphone, visual harvesting,... Especially for this event we created a futuristic holodeck with Rick de Leeuw as singer/presenter.

The key question remains the same today: Which Limburg do you want? Put your idea on the website and contribute to the spatial planning of Limburg in 2040! Http://

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