Clay Conference

Location: Square Brussels
Client: NIRAS
Number of attendees: 500

No, no modelling clay. This is about radioactive waste. Dangerous? No, it is not. Our client NIRAS / ONDRAF takes great care to ensure that the storage of radioactive materials takes place neatly and safely in the clay layers of the earth's crust.

Clay Conferences are hot in the scientific world. And in Belgium we naturally want to prove that we can do better. From tender in the warm summer of 2012 to delivery in the fresh spring of 2015, this conference was meticulously prepared.

We were previously on the client's organizational committee and were responsible for everything outside the content during this process. That’s quite a bit throughout the financial and organizational part. Please read the figures below:
For this congress, our audience consisted of the scientific world around the storage of radioactive material in the clay layers of the substrate. We have been a member of the Organizing Committee of the first Clay Conference in Belgium for three years.
Message - objective
Share and present scientific information about the storage of radioactive waste in the clay layers in the form of plenary sessions, breakouts and poster sessions.
The customer saw his expectations met: this conference became the benchmark for the future clay conferences.

Clay Conference in numbers:

  • 500 abstracts for the book or abstracts
  • 200 posters
  • 500 visitors
  • 3 348 meals
  • 88 speakers
  • 91 sessions
  • 2 exclusive locations
  • 2 well-filled auditoria
  • 3 years of preparation
  • 3 caterers / culinary wizards
  • 4 stylish side events
  • 4 days of meetings with 300 posters and afterwards the realization of the full publications in specialized journals.
  • 5 Conrad colleagues on site
  • 8 heart-warming coffee breaks
  • 14 handsome host (esse) s
  • 50 motivated logistics employees
  • 71 renowned speakers
  • 480 invigorating hotel nights
  • 500 attentive conference goers from all over the world
  • 30 000 informing email contacts to guests and ...
  • 1 satisfied customer

Years of preparation came together in one conference week. Visitors from every continent agreed: Brussels is a perfect host city. In 2012, Conrad Consulting started the preparations until March when the conference took place. The follow-up process lasted until July 2015.

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