50 + 25 year anniversary

Location: Castle of Duras
Client: Private party
Date: 21st of July 2017

You do not turn 50 every year. You have not been married for 25 years every year either. It also does not happen every year that these anniversaries coincide. With this assignment we did not negotiate with the customer. But with the children of the customer. Together we put together a concept. The parents knew nothing.

The event took place at 3 locations: a reception in front of the castle. A symphonic performance by Casco Phil on the lawn behind the castle and a dinner with an evening party in a well-kept tent. The garden of the castle was the perfect location, including a beautiful sunset on one of the sunniest days of the year!

It was an evening full of surprises. The reception in front of the castle, the symphonic performance at the back and the beautiful tent in the garden. A perfect birthday party!

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