10 years of Limburg.net and Bionerga

Location: Beringen business park
Client: Nuhma
Number of attendees: 2 x 300

Limburg.net and Bionerga celebrated their 10th anniversary with us. The perfect moment to look not only at the past but also at the future.

With the construction of a biosteam installation and the creation of an energy hub in Beringen, they are preparing Limburg for the future and waste is converted into green energy. Conrad Consulting converted the existing hall on site into an ecological party space. Cosy, warm and filled to the brim with fun and surprising eye catchers! A unique party location, one to frame!

We always organize our events with a "green" approach and prefer reusable and recyclable materials ... We like to clean up in front of our own door and hope that the rest of the street will follow soon!

Past three events:

Davo Tongeren BMW X1 reveal

Mooimakers 2023

Employee party of Hertz